After the warmer weather last week, southern Manitobans are experiencing below normal weather this week and it'll last well into the foreseeable future.

Blair Lowry, Meteorologist with Environment Canada said, "The snow that we were having earlier in the day should be moving off.... and shouldn't be making a reappearance for the rest of the day. Temperatures are going to slowly moderate, but it looks like we're going to be staying below normal for the rest of the week."

Lowry said it's tough to say when we can experience warmer temperatures as the rest of the week, temperatures look like they'll be staying below normal.

"As we head into May it's still going to be a bit cool. So summer's not quite on the horizon yet," he said.

Lowry said that last year at this time Winnipeg was experiencing around seasonal temperatures.

"Normals for this time of year are highs of +16 and lows of +2. So at the end of April last year we were right around that range," he said.