Winnipeg Beach is used to ice coming from the lake during the winter, but never anything that looks as beautiful and as crazy as this.

While Winnipeg Beach is used to a wall of ice every winter due to its location on Lake Winnipeg, they aren't used to the ice sculptures they are seeing this year. "Normally in November when we have the northeast winds . . . and the lake is just about to freeze, we have the winds pushing the waters onto the shore and freezing up," says Tony Pimentel  "This year, it was December before that happened. Because of the wind and the way the waves came in, we had a really unique feature this year."

"I personally have never seen this type of formation."

Over the past week, word of the ice formations got out and Pimentel says that he has noticed an increase in visitors to the town. He notes that you can also go ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and even snowmobiling while you are out there. Pimentel does warn about the deep snow on the lake. "If you're a senior, you may have some difficulty getting out to the lake," so use caution.

Winnipeg Beach is better known as a resort town during the summer months, with a beautiful campground just steps away from the lake, a brand new boardwalk, entertainment every Saturday, and of course, the beach. "Everything that you need for a campground is here."

Coming up shortly is their Wonderful Winter Weekend is coming up February 17-20. The ice sculptures will be around then as well, as long as the weather holds up.