Francesca Battistelli shared a story of miraculous healing that may have saved her pregnancy.

Around 10 weeks into her pregnancy, Francesca Battistelli woke up in "excruciating pain." She did not know what triggered it and decided to see if it would let up on its own. 

Unfortunately, it did not. “I called my parents basically in tears from the pain in my lower abdomen. They came over and we waited it out for a couple of hours, but the pain got worse. We called my midwife again, and she sent us to the emergency room,” Battistelli shared on Instagram.

"After praying it through, we just didn't have peace about doing the surgery now."

When they arrived at the hospital surprisingly the pain had disappeared. "I was grateful but confused. I knew I had a cyst on my right ovary, but no one had been concerned about it until now. Turns out the cyst was very large—about 10cm (the size of a small grapefruit or large orange), and it had twisted the ovary, cutting off the blood supply and causing the intense pain. By the time we reached the hospital, it had twisted back, which is normal and why the pain suddenly stopped," Battistelli shared.

Her doctor recommended she have surgery to remove the cyst to prevent further pain and complications."He said this kind of cyst does not shrink or go away on it's own—’it would have to be a miracle,’ but it was my choice if we waited until after the birth to remove it,” Battistelli explained. 

From a medical professional opinion, it seemed like surgery was inevitable. However, “after praying it through, we just didn’t have peace about doing the surgery now. We believed God could heal me!” 

She and her husband, Matt, stayed hopeful and faithful throughout the weeks to come. "When we went in for our 20-week ultrasound. The sweet tech said, ‘we will take a look at that cyst while we’re here,’ and Matt said, ‘you won’t find it. It’s gone. We’ve been praying,’” Battistelli recalled. 

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Once measured, the nurse practitioner said, "It’s not even a cyst anymore. It’s gone!”  Battistelli says she and everyone in the room praised God at that moment. "He did a miracle in my body, and this sweet tech (who is pregnant with her first baby) got to witness it!”

“We are overwhelmed by the goodness and the BIGNESS of God, and we want the world to know that He still heals!!! My faith has been so strengthened by this, and I pray yours is too.”

Based on the comments and thousands of likes, it's clear fans were inspired by her story of healing.