Over the past week, authorities have issued 77 COVID-19 enforcement tickets, including nine at a rally during the first Winnipeg Jets home game of the season.

Many people who spend the week gathering to voice their opinions over the current Public Health Orders have been issued tickets. The province says on Thursday before a Winnipeg Jets game, nine people were ticketed in relation to protesting outside of Bell MTS Place. 

Tickets were additionally given to those in Steinbach over the weekend. The Mayor of Steinbach previously said that those who gathered do not match the values of the city.

"I don’t think the organizers of this rally care about our city at all and, to me, it is insulting that they are doing this again," Mayor Earl Funk says. The group had previously met in the city in November.

RCMP Manitoba will be issuing more tickets to those at this weekend's rally in Southern Manitoba as they identify attendees. 

From January 11 to 17, a total of 77 tickets and 183 warnings were issued.

Tickets issued include:

• 66 $1,296 tickets to individuals for various offences
• nine tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places
• one $5,000 ticket to a business

The province says 45 of the 66 individual tickets were from Manitobans gathering in indoor places.

The breakdown in fines includes $298 for not wearing a mask in indoor public places, $1,296 for tickets issued to individuals not following the orders, including sole proprietorships and partnerships, and $5,000 for tickets issued to corporations. 

The current Public Health Orders are set to expire Friday.