People are offering their condolences after hearing the news of Mini the bison passing away earlier this week at the Assiniboine Zoo.

On May 8, the Assiniboine Park and Zoo Facebook page posted about Mini's passing at the age of 19. Mini has been with the zoo since her birth in 2004.

Back in 2018, the bison was diagnosed with a kidney disease known as Fanconi syndrome, which caused her to lose resources through her kidneys, resulting in weight loss. She was provided with the missing nutrients and electrolytes through the support of the zoo staff which lessened the effects but couldn't cease the progressing disease.

On top of that, Mini has suffered from arthritis for many years now as well.

"Mini’s welfare has been closely monitored during this time by our veterinary and animal care teams," says the Facebook post. "As her condition progressed, we recently made the difficult choice that a humane euthanasia was in her best interest before the disease progressed further."

Throughout her 19 years, Mini bonded with another bison named Blizzard, as they were close in size and age growing up. But as the years passed, Blizzard grew bigger while Mini stayed, as her name suggests, mini.

Mini's size never stopped Blizzard from loving her and according to the zoo staff, constantly sandwiching her between him and another bison named Wilma in the sandpit by the visitor observation deck.

"Wilma, our matriarch bison, was a fierce protector and loyal friend to Mini and made sure she was never left behind when the herd moved."

Mini was a fun-loving bison and was often found chasing geese and the gator vehicle used by staff, running wild in the snow and gratefully eating the treats given by her caretakers.

"She won the hearts of the animal care team for the past 19 years and we will miss seeing our tiny dancer on the field."