Danny MacKay first discovered the good news of Jesus in the backseat of a stolen car. Now he seeks to share that message with as many people as possible.

MacKay works for I Am Second, which is "a movement of putting God first, and living second," MacKay says. The group uses media to share the personal faith testimony of both celebrities and everyday people. The videos have now reached around 200 countries, and have 48,000 downloads every day. "It's just teaching people that there's hope - there's answers - to whatever problem or situation they're going through."

MacKay explains that behind that there's also a church planting aspect. "We go into unreached communities, where's there's no missionaries, no Christians, no churches. And we go, and we start."

But it's not just international outreach. There's plenty taking place right here in Winnipeg, and Manitoba.

"We have people that are just out on the streets, sharing the gospel. We've got people doing outreach to First Nations, in the Filipino community . . . students doing outreach in their schools starting 'I Am Second groups.' And we have people in churches that are just looking to learn and be trained on how to initiate spiritual conversations and share their own stories and their faith. 98 percent of North American Christians don't share their faith because they often don't know how to get started, and don't know what to say. We're teaching and training a lot of that, that we're using globally here locally. Simple, biblical, and repeatable tools that they can just run with right away."

The easiest way to share your faith, MacKay says, is using "what we call 'the miracle question.' So let's say I'm at a gas station, and I just bought something, and I'm on my way out. So I'd just look at you and say, 'Hey, man, my name's Danny. Listen, is there anything that I could pray for you? Like if God could do a miracle in your life today, what would it be?' And we like that question because it's invitational, not confrontational. The ball's in their court. they get to decide how deep or shallow of an answer . . . A lot of times people will just open up with the depth of stuff they're going through. And that just leads into a spiritual conversation, and then we'll pray for them."

MacKay will be speaking this Saturday, April 29, at the One Worship Night at Calvary Temple in Winnipeg. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the evening begins at 7:00 p.m.

If you'd like more information you can email him: danny.mackay[at]iamsecond.com

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