Wondering why your car is covered in a sticky sap every morning? You can blame the aphids for that.

Every year, Winnipeg is infested with aphids. These pests ingest sap from trees and then exude it before it falls on the ground or anything that is below the tree.

If you are worried about these aphids harming the tree, Ken Nawolsky, Superintendent of Insect Control, said, "it may cause minor stress on the tree, but it doesn't affect the overall health of the tree."

These aphids have also found their way into gardens, but they aren't always easy to spot. Nawolsky said there are many colors and many different species of aphid. However, if you have a pest on your plants, he said the easiest way to get rid of them is by using soap and water.

The number of aphids this year is quite high, due to the lack of rain.

"You'll see a lot of aphids on the leaves," Nawolsky said. 

If you want to get that sap off your car, Nawolsky said to just use soap and water.