According to weather experts, another Colorado low is expected to hit southern Manitoba later this week, however, it won't be dumping as much snow this time. 

"This week we have unfortunately more snow on the way for those that are hoping for spring," says Scott Kehler, President and Chief Scientist of Weather Logics. "It looks like we'll have some snow mid-week, perhaps another five or as much as 10 centimetres."

That's not all according to Kehler. 

"Then as we get toward the end of the week, there are good signs another Colorado low is headed our way with the potential for more rain and snow from Friday into the weekend."

Rather than just wet heavy snow that usually accompanies this weather system, it could bring more rain than snow. 

"Right now what we're seeing with our models, this next Colorado low looks to have a lot more warm air flowing into it on its southern side. There are signals that the precipitation may start out as rain. Whether it will change to snow or how quickly it will change to snow is still a bit unclear."

As of Monday, Manitoba is sitting in the top 10 snowiest winters on record. 

"It would only take an additional five centimetres of snow for this winter to rank as the second snowiest ever," says Kehler.

While Kehler can see that happening, especially because of the second Colorado low headed to southern Manitoba, it's likely the province won't hit the number one spot. To get there would mean an additional 40 plus cm's of snow.