In response to the devastating fires in Brandon last month, one camp is opening its gates to the families affected, free of charge. 

Anglican Memorial Camp, a program of the Anglican Diocese of Brandon, is inviting children and families affected by the fire to attend their camp this summer.

"These people are some of the most economically and sociologically vulnerable people in Brandon," said Bishop of Brandon William Cliff. "They were living in very good accommodations, (but) there is not a lot of ability to absorb (this) kind of shock."

The diocese received a generous donation the same weekend as the fire. Bishop Cliff suggested turning it into bursaries for the camp. The donor approved enthusiastically.

"The whole point is to strengthen families in this time of crisis and make sure they have access to the sorts of things they may not otherwise," Bishop Cliff explained the decision.

Bishop Cliff says Brandon residents have already stepped up to help, filling the crypt at St. Matthews Cathedral with everything the families could need with the help of the Bear Clan Patrol. Bishop Cliff says Brandon showed off a "beautiful expression of community."

Camp, he explains, is what happens when all the trauma is over and everything returns to normal.

"It's core to our mission," Bishop Cliff said. "Jesus told us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick and the imprisoned, so it's right in our core mission. It's what we're here for."

Anglican Memorial Camp is located in Riding Mountain National Park.