Winnipeg Airport employees are getting their hands dirty as they gather what's left of their vegetables that are going to Winnipeg Harvest.

The local food distribution and training centre was in great need of this harvest as they were unable to plant their garden due to COVID-19. 

"The veggies harvested by WAA employees filled this gap providing nutritious foods for thousands of families in need across the province. We are so thankful to WAA for nourishing our community,” says Keren Taylor-Hughes, CEO of Winnipeg Harvest.

"This year’s gardening season was more important than ever."

Winnipeg Harvest's program called 'Grow-a-Row' started in 1986 and the Winnipeg Airport has been apart of it since 1997.

This morning, airport employees harvested the last of the vegetables in their garden, which will go to help people who use the food bank in Winnipeg.

Michel Rosset from the Winnipeg Airport Authority says they, "dug 1,038lbs of potatoes from the Harvest Garden this morning to add to the 528lbs of carrots, onions and beets picked last month."

Since the Winnipeg Airport has taken part in this program, they've donated 64,754lbs of vegetables to Winnipeg Harvest.

The food distribution centre has been helping those in need with food since 1985. Anyone is able to participate in their 'Grow-a-Row' program.