Dr. Jesse Miranda passed away Friday night at the age of 81 from late-stage liver cancer.

Miranda was hailed as the "godfather of the Hispanic/Latino evangelical movement that changed the world" by Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, pastor of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC).

The organization, which was originally founded by Miranda in 1992, first began as the Latino Evangelical Alliance, which eventually became the NHCLC as it is known today, reports Charisma News. He was known for trailblazing the way to natural national leadership to a growing population of Hispanic/Latino Christians.

At his passing, Miranda still held a position as the chairman emeritus of the Conference.

Rodriguez says. "His commitment to Christ—real. His prophetic voice—renewing. His love for the marginalized—relentless. On behalf of the NHCLC family, we express our condolences to the entire Miranda family. We love you, Brother Jesse. You changed our lives."

Miranda attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned his doctor of ministry degree. He began preaching at the age of 19. From 1984-1992, he worked as supervisor of the Pacific District for the Assemblies of God, overseeing 400 Latino churches.

Referred to as the "granddaddy of U.S. Latino Protestantism," Miranda also served as an executive presbyter with the General Council of the Assemblies of God for 41 years and acted as a consultant to three American presidents on the subject of Hispanic affairs.

His list of accomplishments continues, as he founded and acted as director of the Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership at Vanguard University, located in California. The group is credited by the Assemblies of God as one of the major forces behind the unity of American Hispanic evangelicals on social issues such as theological education, social ethics, and racial reconciliation.

Miranda's book, The Christian Church in Ministry, has been translated into 10 languages since its publication in 1980. He also taught at the Latin American Bible Institute for 19 years, from 1959 to 1978.

Born in Alburquerque, New Mexico, Miranda was the son of a Mexican lumber mill worker and held a third-grade education. He and his wife, Susan, had three children in their 60 years of marriage.