Dr. La Verne Wimberly remembers Mar. 29. It was the first Sunday she did not attend church in person.

That didn't stop the 82-year-old from getting dressed up for the occasion.

"I just decided at that point I’m just going to get dressed as if I was going to church, so I would not get into the habit of just slouching around," Wimberly says in an interview with WVLT.

Wimberly, who has been attending Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa online since that first Sunday, decided she was not one for sweatpants during her weekly worship.

Not only did she dress to the nines, Wimberly also posted her photo to Facebook.

Love this! 82 year old, Dr. Laverne Wimberly, has been #DressedUpForJesus for virtual services at her church,...

Posted by Sistas in Zion on Friday, March 26, 2021

Every single Sunday for the past year, as COVID-19 has kept most churchgoers at home for services for more than 52 weeks, Wimberly has continued to post a photo in her Sunday best each week, alongside a word of encouragement for those who follow her.

Wimberly's presence has been missed while church has been online. As a long-time teacher, principal and school administrator, her trademark hats and smiles have been missed.

"I got a lot of feedback, more feedback than I wanted on the way I looked," Wimberly says.

She wants to stay motivated while inspiring and encouraging others.

"I really wanted them to focus on the message. I did have to say one time during one of those posts, to focus on the message rather than on me."A long-time teacher, principal and school administrator, the hats and smiles of Wimberly were missed.

The 82-year-old Oklahoma resident also keeps a log of her journals, so as not to repeat one look.