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This is What Joy Looks Like

I am pretty sure my first roller-coaster ride was filled with screams of terror. Not so for Rita who, at 70 years old, took her first ride on a roller-coaster. The twists and turns were no match for this soul.  The result was pure joy.

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That One Thing He Really Needs From Me

I was always so happy to see her.
Whenever my friend dropped by – I dropped everything. Smiled and gave her a hug. Suggested that she stay awhile and made her a cup of tea.
They were just little things, I know.

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Opening Eyes

Focus Africa has partnered with City Church to put on a special breakfast this weekend.

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An Easter Surprise

It was a challenging year for the city's less fortunate after Winnipeg experienced one of the coldest winters in over 110 years.

Ron Eldridge, a man who knows all to well what it's like to be homeless after living on the streets for several years himself, spent a majority of his winter reaching out to those in need.

Whether it be a gift card for a warm cup of coffee, or a bus ticket for a warm place to stay, Eldridge and his wife have been there to provide.

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Phil Wickham on Vocal Rest

Worship leader, guitarist and recording artist Phil Wickham has had to cancel multiple performances due to a vocal chord irregularity. Thankfully, his doctors say it was caught in time to most likely be reversed without surgery. Unfortunately for Phil, what the doctors are prescribing is very difficult in his line of work.

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